Dog Daycare in Grants Pass, Oregon

Safe Dog Daycare Play All Day

We offer a safe, day-long supervised play environment for your dog. Unlike at some traditional kennels, your friendly dog will enjoy the benefits of socialization with their fellow canines and get tons of exercise. Doggy daycare helps create a stress-free, relaxing environment that promotes good behavior. We encourage our guests to practice good manners by not barking, jumping, or barging through doorways. All daycare guests undergo a complementary evaluation process ahead of their visit to determine their comfort levels in this social environment.

Doggy Cross-Fit

Cross-Fit is a brain-engaging dog daycare and lodging program individualized for each dog’s personality. Your dog will experience customized, one-on-one training sessions throughout the day. Our trainers will assess your dog’s individual needs and preferences and exercise them during the day, leaving each guest mentally and physically satisfied. Activities are chosen based on each dog’s needs, and can include obedience, agility games, trick training, household manners, and small group play sessions among many others.

In Loving Hands

At Canine Club, our social play is supervised, keeping your beloved dog happy, comfortable, and satisfied. We implement canine leadership training with all dogs to keep them safe and under the control of highly-trained staff.


Free Evaluation and First Day of Play

Evaluation required. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Daycare discount applies to first time day care customers only.


Benefits of Dog Daycare at Canine Club

Doggy Day care is hugely popular across the country. Pet owners and their pups are loving it. It may seem frivolous to some, but us dog people know that dog daycare has wonderful benefits.

  • Dogs are Social Creatures. Most dogs don’t do well at home all day alone and can get into mischief. If you’ve ever come home to chewed furniture, shoes or a ‘special present’ waiting for you, daycare could be just the option for you and your pup. In a quality dog daycare, your dog gets all the attention and supervised playtime with other dogs that he needs.
  • Don’t Stress about Rushing Home. Owners worry about their dog while they’re away. Are they lonely, bored, hungry, have to go to the bathroom…? Probably. We make it our business to ensure your dog is having a blast while you’re taking care of your business.
  • No Strangers Entering your Home. Most people don’t like the idea of pet sitters entering and possibly enjoying their home while they’re away. They also worry about what happens when a pet sitter can’t make it to their home. Quality pet care means your dog is safe in a well-staffed, dog-friendly, comfortable environment with other friends to play with.
  • Socialization is a Must. Dogs need to learn how to act with other canines. That takes time and exposure in a safe environment monitored by educated caregivers. Learning to play appropriately in a pack of pooches is critical. Our highly-trained staff educates each pup on proper play etiquette, not allowing alpha behavior or aggressive play. All dogs are encouraged to respect humans as their leaders.